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What is the concert that gathered the most people?

We are now interested in concerts with the most people both on stage, but also in front! Whether by the number of musicians or the number of spectators present in the audience, the figures are skyrocketing!

The concert with the most musicians

The concert that brought together the most people on stage took place in Caracas on Saturday November 13, 2021. More than 12,000 young musicians gathered in the courtyard of the Caracas military academy.

Note that these budding musicians come from the Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles (National System of Infantile and Juvenile Orchestras and Choirs), a program allowing disadvantaged young people to have access to a musical education.

The previous record was held by Russia, which in 2019 managed to bring together 8,097 musicians on the same stage. In both cases, we let you imagine the head of the sound engineers.

The concert with the most spectators

If we take into account the public to find the concert that brought together the most people, then it is a Frenchman who holds the record!

The spectator record at a concert is held by Jean-Michel Jarre during his concert in Moscow on September 6, 1997 which brought together 3.5 million people.

The mayor of Moscow Youri Louzhkov had invited the French artist who made the show, with the appearance of 4 planes and a connection with the mir station, just that!

We also salute the performance of Rod Stewart who can also claim this title with his concert in 1994 in Copacabana which would have brought together 3.4 million people.

These figures are very much based on estimates, it is still very difficult to measure the exact number of people at large demonstrations, but we hope that the guy in the last row had very good binoculars !


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