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Who are we ? 

After a break between 2014 and 2016, TST radio came back in 2018.


Initiated by Corentin Besnard this project has no defined boundaries.

Between 2014 and 2016 were decided the name of the radio (TST radio) and also the logo.


In 2017 Corentin, François, Carmen, Déborah and Adrien who get to know each other on another radio decided to relaunch TST radio. This is how, in January 5, 2018 at 7pm sharp, TST radio relived.

In October 2018, TST radio was awarded the « Bourse Tremplin » fellowship from the city of Rouen.

What does TST radio mean ?

TST means Talent Success Talk. Those three words are the three pillars of the first version of TST radio.

They are no longer used to describe the project.

TST radio is a webradio, or online free radio. We are only available online, but that offers a world of opportunities !

What is the status of TST radio ?

TST radio was created under the associative status.

TST radio team is well connected and organized allowing us to achieve greater
responsiveness. Every member of the team has a well-defined role to play in order to
maximise efficiency.

Why Indie pop rock ?

Regarding the content we decided to focus on a specific music style because we can’t
please everybody !

This is why we limited the choice to Pop, Pop-rock and Rock.

This does not mean we do not like other kind of music !
Even if we are located in France we play local music as much as French and
International music. Each of them accounting for 33%.

We also decided to broadcast independent artists or label because FM radio already do
the job perfectly with the others.

We decided instead to have close contacts with our artists.

Is it only a radio ?

Absolutely not ! TST radio is also a blog to which each team member has the oppotunity to contribute.


This blog is related to music practice, news about music, but also some album reviews or live reports.

As a radio located in Rouen we give some news about what is happening in the city regarding music but also some relevant information.

Last but not least, as we like humour, you may also find some parodic articles related to music.

Have fun !

What next for TST Radio ?

TST radio aims to stay online in order to take advantage of new technologies.

Short terms objectives are to find our own studio with unlimited access.


This would help us recruit more volunteers and widen our programme.

But most of all we want to keep our team efficient and fun !

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