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Tunecore, the commission-free digital broadcasting service

Being present on Spotify, Deezer and other digital platforms is now essential to be visible in the world of music.

For this, TuneCore offers to put them online on more than 150 platforms. But is it really worth it? Are there not other solutions?

What is TuneCore? It is a music distribution service. More simply, using this service will allow you to appear on all distribution platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Amazon Music and many others. TuneCore announces to its users that their music will be broadcast on more than 150 artists, which is not necessarily useful, as long as we are present on the most important previously mentioned.

More suitable for fairly advanced artists

TuneCore may not be suitable for new artists who want to publish their music on streaming platforms. The main reason is the cost of the platform. To publish a single, it will cost you $ 9.99. Publishing an album will cost you $ 29.99 the first year, then $ 49.99 the following years. Rather high prices, knowing that platforms like offer free services. Here is a quick comparison of the different digital broadcasting services.

Comparatif des plateformes de diffusion musicale
Comparatif des plateformes de diffusion musicale

This cost will however be more suitable for artists who sell enough, because the platform does not take commissions on the income generated. An advantage when we know that some broadcasting services take commissions ranging from 8 to 50% of income. So if you generate € 1,000 per year, you would be quite happy to spend only $ 49.99 for an album ...

Be careful, however, because small amounts are cumulative. A standard EP plus album trajectory will cost you $ 100 annually ...

If you're just starting out, TuneCore is clearly not for you, but if you're generating significant income, it can be a way to get your hands on that money that goes into commissions.


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