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How to have the account verified on Spotify?

Streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music are today an essential step for artists if they want to make their music known.

However, hundreds of songs are released every minute and there is stiff competition for their place.

In order to distinguish artists, platforms including Spotify have set up a verification system. So we will see here how to verify your artist account, and get your little blue badge.

Gather your info

First of all, make sure you have a Spotify account, which will give you access to Spotify For Artists.

  • In order to answer the questions that will be asked, prepare the following:

  • An artist's photo

  • A fairly synthetic bio (less than 1,500 words)

  • Links to your Spotify accounts

  • Links to your social networks

Get the little blue Spotify badge!

You will then just have to go to this link and follow the instructions given. A screen will give you the possibility to choose the artist you want to claim. Spotify will then tell you whether this is possible or not.

  • The verification is normally done fairly quickly, after an average of two weeks. You will then have access to many features:

  • Statistics of your listening and listeners (age, location)

  • Possibility to change your photo

  • Possibility to put a title forward

We hope you find this article useful in the future! Find our other tips here


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