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Unusual: what if you played music tattooed on your ass?

In the painting titled Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, made between 1480 and 1490, we can clearly see a score tattooed on the hindquarters of one of the figures. A musician named Amelia Hamrick had fun transcribing it. Here we tell you the famous story of Hieronymus Butt Music!

A little history of art ...

Located on the right panel of the triptych, the scene from which the detail is taken represents the underworld, where apparently it is quite common to have music tattooed on the behind. You can also see other characters being gently tortured by musical instruments (and no, this is not a beginner violin class).

After Amelia Hamrick had finished the transcription, several musicians, including James Spalink, attempted to play it. James Spalink chooses the instruments present in the painting, namely a lute, a harp as well as a hurdy-gurdy. You can listen to it here:

And if you prefer the sung version of Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music:

Music transpires its time, that is to say the 15th century. It's quite relaxing, perfect for role-playing if there are amateurs in the room. If you want more version, just type in “Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music” on YouTube.

Do you want to play it? No worries, here is the transcript just for you. Please feel free to send us your own versions.

If you ever want to see the Garden of Earthly Delights in real life, know that it can be seen at the Prado Museum in Madrid


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